5 Year Reunion

I just finished my official 5-year reunion weekend at Georgetown University and it was an absolute blast. I think my friends and I are going to need a couple of days to catch up on sleep and fully recover. While I was originally accepted to Georgetown as a part of the class of 2008, I deferred a year after my accident so I became a part of the class of 2009. That didn’t last too long because I decided to take an extra semester for my undergraduate studies so I finally graduated as a member of the class of 2010. I have definitely joined reunion festivities for the classes of 2008 and 2009 (and will continue to do so), but I will never forget that 2010 was my official graduation year. I may also need to join the reunion festivities in 2017 since that will be the 5-year anniversary of by graduation with my masters degree from Georgetown school of continuing studies, where I studied sports industry management in.

Our class had a great turnout and I was excited that so many friends decided to travel from all across the country to celebrate this milestone for our class (with a special shoutout to the group that took the redeye from California on Thursday night). The weekend was also an opportunity to see some family friends from classes that we're celebrating their 10, 25 and 40 year reunions. 

Our class festivities started on Friday night with a party at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium on Constitution Avenue. We celebrated this night with the class of 1965, who was commemorating their 50th reunion and whose generosity underwrote our reunion costs so our weekend was free. There was a nice toast at the party by Georgetown President John J. DeGioia and the class of 2010 and 1965 reunion chairs. After this party ended, a group of our friends decided to have our own after party at a bar in Georgetown call Chinese Disco. On Saturday, I attended a discussion with President DeGioia and a couple hundred alumni in historic Gaston Hall where there were presentations made about various facets of Georgetown and how bright the future is. I then met friends to enjoy the beautiful weather outside down at the Georgetown waterfront. On Saturday night, our class had it's party on the patio outside of the McDonough School of Business building right on campus. Once the party ended, I had no gas left in the tank and needed to end the weekend on a high note.

Thank you to Georgetown for providing us a great celebratory weekend and I'm looking forward to my official 10 year reunion….although I think I'll be sneaking into a few other reunions in the interim. HOYA SAXA!!