Lunch with Michael J. Fox and Hoyas Reunion

Day two in New York City did not start out as I hoped, but it only got better as the day progressed. Unfortunately, I was really battling a bad cold, likely the result of all of the fluctuating temperatures we have seen this winter and was not feeling myself at all early that day.

Without question one of the true highlights of my trip to New York City was having lunch with Michael J. Fox, someone who has become a great friend and a true mentor to me. After first meeting Michael the summer after my accident, our friendship has developed and I appreciate all of the advice and constant positive encouragement he provides me. During this particular lunch, Michael and I talked about a variety of topics, including some big ideas that I have been thinking about and wanted Michael’s opinions. Thankfully, I think he reacted very favorably and encouraged me to push forward and it's my goal to proceed with a couple of ideas in the coming weeks and months. This hour and a half lunch with Michael was extremely special and as is every minute that I get to spend with this incredibly genuine and positive and inspiring man. 

Later that night, I had a great dinner with my friend Todd at a very fun Mexican restaurant in the West Village named Horchata. Following dinner, we met a great group of Hoyas at Galway Hooker for a few drinks and some time to catch up. Thank you to Maureen, Lauren, Cheryl, Miles, Julia, Mike, Brian, Katrina and Michael for coming out to meet me and I loved seeing you.