Much needed vacation!

I was very lucky to escape the summer heat of Washington, DC and spend the last 2 weeks in Westhampton Beach, NY. This is an annual trip that I look forward to because I love spending time with my family and so many friends that I only get to see while visiting Westhampton. This is also a chance to decompress while out of the office and I made a concerted effort to disconnect from the office as much as I could. It is very hard for me to fully disconnect and stay off email, but I would say that I did a pretty good job this trip.

This was a perfect time to sleep in, relax at the beach, go to the golf course and watch live tournaments, and go out for dinner with friends. I also got to visit Junior Sports Camp where I was a camper and counselor for many years and was able to present the Taylor Price Spirit Award on the last day of camp. 

It's always hard to leave Westhampton at the end of the summer, but after a great two weeks I was ready to head back to DC! I was lucky to know that I'll be back in a few weeks for another wedding…..