Two speaking engagements

Over the last few days, I had two opportunities to speak to different groups of Georgetown students and had fun doing both. On November 2, I spoke on a panel of five alumni, to students with disabilities about the transition into the working world, advice on how to discover career opportunities and the importance of being a strong advocate for the reasonable accommodations that they require to maximize their success. The event was organized by the Georgetown Academic Resource Center and was hosted in the Healey Family Student Center.

Earlier today, I joined Professor Joan Riley's Health Promotion and Disease Prevention class within Georgetown's School of Nursing and Health Studies for a conversation with students. For over an hour, I shared my story with approximately 60 students and engaged in very interactive dialogue that I hope was both informative and inspiring. While we tried to focus on health promotion, there was no topic that was off-limits and I can honestly say that I was asked questions I had never been asked before. I had so much fun doing this and appreciated the students' interest, respect and maturity. 

Once again, I loved the opportunity to engage with and help Georgetown students.